Clear Lake Schools Installs Custom Sun Shades

Rice Lake Glass & Door Co., Inc. enjoyed working with the Clear Lake, WI, school district to create an efficiency solution when new windows were needed for the media and library area.  That part of the building was subject to harsh sun during the warmest months of the year and the district was seeking a solution that would improve efficiency as well as be aesthetically pleasing.  The solution entailed custom fabricated sun shades designed, manufactured, and installed by Rice Lake Glass & Door Co., Inc.

The shades have a streamlined modern appearance and the specific design provides shade to the area during the height of the summer sun but allows winter sun rays to get through for more natural light and potential warmth during the cold months of the year.  Sun shades of this style can provide a fast return on investment by reducing summer cooling costs as well as maximizing solar gains in opposite conditions.

In this case the shades were custom manufactured to work with storefront-style windows.  This solution can be designed to work with your existing windows or replacement windows of many styles.  If you would like to learn more about adding this feature to your commercial building or educational facility please call Rice Lake Glass at 715-234-2840 or e-mail

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