Memorial Medical Center

Racing Against Time

Early delays almost led this project down an icy path that would have added considerable costs and time to the project. Find out how Rice Lake Glass helped.

Memorial Medical Center, located in Ashland, WI, was planning a new addition to its existing facility. At the beginning of the project, the client faced delays which threatened to bring the project into the winter months. Rice Lake Glass used its supplier relationships along with a non-typical approach to get it done on time.

Serving Customers Locally

Without local oncology services, patients who required this type of care were driving hours for the appointments. The facility addition relieved the stress of travel from these patients.

Full Time Physicians


Commute to Nearest Cancer Center Eliminated By Memorial Medical Center

Full Time Employees

Important Care for Local Residents

This new addition to Memorial Medical Center would add a much-needed cancer center to the area.

At the time, there were no local oncology services in the Ashland area, forcing residents to travel a great distance for important treatment. But because of the early project delays, the bidding process was behind schedule and winter was coming fast.

A Fast Track Approach

Rice Lake Glass called on its suppliers to come together in a collaborative meeting with the project team to determine how to expedite the typical process.

Together with our suppliers and other project team members, we formulated a fast-track approach, which included getting an early approval from the architect on our project proposal, allowing us to order materials and start fabrication and installation much earlier than normal, ultimately finishing on time despite the early delays.

"...thank you for all you and your team have done for us. You’re got a great group and they have a great leader!"

- Erick Jensen
Director, Facilities Management, Amery Hospital and Clinic
Maintenance Requests

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Custom Services

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