City of Rice Lake Snow Emergency

Weekend Snowstorm Causes Big Problems

Snow wasn't the city's only problem on this winter evening! The street department garage door broke in the middle of a large snowstorm, letting snow and cold into the building.

The city of Rice Lake experienced a weekend snowstorm that began on a Friday evening in February. If the snow removal wasn’t a big enough problem for the city employees, the large garage door in the shop housing the snowplows broke. The cables were wrapped around the springs, and the door would not go down.

Snow Made Travel Difficult

When the head of the City Street Department arrived to work at 6:00 am the next morning, he found the shop door wide open, the furnace kicking out heat and a note on his desk about the broken door. In addition to managing the snow removal, he also had a garage door repair emergency to deal with. He called Rice Lake Glass, who jumped to action.

Inches of Snow


Emergency Response Time in a Major Snowstorm

On-Call Techs

Difficult Route to Door

The first step in making the garage door repair at the street department building was getting there!

A crew from Rice Lake Glass was called in and first had to plow out their lot so they could get a trailer and lift loaded safety. By 8:00 am the lot was plowed and three overhead door techs were en route to the city shop.

Quick Fix Upon Arrival

This garage door repair was made incredibly challenging due to the poor conditions caused by the snowstorm, and the timing of emergency services on a Saturday early morning.

Thanks to a diligent customer and dedicated technicians, Rice Lake Glass was able to make the garage door repair by 10:30 Saturday morning. Rice Lake Glass helped keep the shop warm and relieve the city of any concerns about high heating bills and frozen pipes.

"The School District of Amery has been doing business with Rice Lake Glass and Door since they opened their doors... their advice and knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving for us. When we work with Rice Lake Glass and Door we take a simple approach, I just ask, "what do you recommend?" With that, I know I will get a great product that will stand the test of time and be installed on time by very knowledgeable people."

- George Sigsworth
Facilities Director, School District of Amery
Maintenance Requests

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